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Nancy Isbell

Nancy Isbell

San Diego, CA


After graduating from Humboldt State University, cum laude, with a bachelor's degree in art, Nancy Isbell began her career at Sea World designing gifts and souvenirs. She traveled to the Virgin Islands in 1974 where she worked at an advertising agency as a graphic artist and illustrator. In 1976, after completing a teacher credential for teaching art, instead of teaching she began painting large works on restaurant walls, traveling all over the United States.

Since 1980 Nancy has been providing artistic services to clients: Murals, Trompe' l Oeil, Faux Finishes, Carousel Restoration, Signage, Illustration, Watercolors, Oils. In addition to producing artwork, she has been teaching seminars and classes in art techniques to adults and children in private lessons, summer camps, and in the public schools.

Her favorite challenge is to create a mood through the use of her own imagined idyllic settings. Some of the tangible results are in the form of murals, found in private residences, schools, and businesses. There may be an open window painted on a wall, sometimes just a faux finish and a few well chosen areas of detail are all a space needs.

Recently Nancy has been interested in painting water. Every painting of her own choosing, not the commissioned paintings, have an element of water. Having been born and raised near the beach in San Diego and living in the Virgin Islands created strong memories. She is fascinated by the play of light and the transparency of the different bodies of water.



Memories of Coki Beach by Nancy Isbell


Portrait Montage by Nancy Isbell


Peaceful Garden by Nancy Isbell


Palm Beach by Nancy Isbell


La Jolla Cove by Nancy Isbell


Tropical Waterfall by Nancy Isbell


Clear Open Water by Nancy Isbell


Sedona Creek by Nancy Isbell


Napali Coast by Nancy Isbell


La Jolla Cove West by Nancy Isbell


Sunset at the Vineyards by Nancy Isbell


Path to the Light by Nancy Isbell


Tiger by Nancy Isbell


Silent Pond by Nancy Isbell


Big Island by Nancy Isbell


Fresh Roses by Nancy Isbell